GovDelivery's Targeted Messaging System (TMS) helps deliver and track transactional emails and SMS messages for web applications. This allows an agency's web application to focus on core business logic and operational needs, such as enrollment, licensing, or renewals. With GovDelivery TMS, you can be up and running within days, sending email with superior delivery, reliability and tracking while leveraging the leading government communications infrastructure.

TMS data flow diagram

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the TMS API work?

TMS offers a JSON API based on REST to send messages and track activity such as delivery status, opens, or clicks. Templates and macros are supported to further streamline or customize messaging calls. Webhooks can also be configured for instant notifications to your application when specific events occur.

Will this meet my agency's volume needs?

GovDelivery TMS is robust enough to send millions of messages each month. Our expertise with email infrastructure and complexities, from ISP relationships to email deliverability optimization, yields superior deliverability at high volume.

How secure is TMS?

GovDelivery TMS is the first and only digital communications platform to achieve FedRAMP compliance. Our highly secure and scalable environment has withstood comprehensive and rigorous review by CIOs from the General Services Administration (GSA), the Department of Defense (DOD) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). More about GovDelivery Security.

How does implementation work?

Once you've decided on GovDelivery TMS, our implementation consultants guide your team through all of the steps for a successful launch. Typically, this runs 8 - 12 weeks from start to finish. We recommend planning 50-70 developer hours, or more for complex workflows.