Sending Messages

Once the setup process is complete, you’re ready to send messages. With TMS, your message can respond to actions and events. That means citizens get a message that’s personalized to their situation. When a citizen’s driver’s license is about to expire, send a renewal message. Someone registered on your website? Send them a message with how to use the site and next steps.

Learn more about sending messages with TMS in the Sending an email and Sending an SMS message sections. In this section, you will learn about Sending an email, Using Macros in Email Messages, and Sending an SMS message.

Sending an email.

TMS offers two ways to send an email: simple and template.

Simple emails. Sending a simple email is similar to sending a message through traditional email clients. Your payload will include information about the subject, body, and recipients. See the Sending an Email tutorial to get started.

Template emails. Templates allow you to create replicable messages to be re-used later, reducing the amount of information sent for each API call. Rather than including the full message body each time, you can create a template and reference it during the send. This separates the message content from the act of sending. See the Using Email Templates tutorial to get started.

This type of email message is most efficient in terms of time and deliverability for a large number of recipients.

See Sending an Email for a tutorial.

Using macros in email messages.

In both simple and template emails, you can use macros to personalize each message. Macros are placeholders for individualized content.

For example, each recipient of your message might have a unique name. Your payload would specify the macro [[name]] as part of the email body, as well as values for the [[name]] macro such as “Dawn”, “Shreya”, and “Maria”. TMS will personalize the message for each recipient.

With macros, you customize any message for a large audience. Check out the code sample below for an example payload using macros.

Sending an SMS message.

Sending an SMS message through TMS is similar to sending a simple email message. Use your application to write a message and submit a request with the recipient phone number to send your message with TMS. See the Using SMS Templates tutorial for a detailed walkthrough.

Want messages to get responses back from your stakeholders? Talk with your GovDelivery Implementation Consultants about 2-way text messaging.

See Sending an SMS for a tutorial.